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Youth Page

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Welcome Youth Members and Youth Visitors!! If you have any question, comments or ideas for upcoming Up North shows, please contact Danielle Souster or Theresa Kemp, our Youth Directors.

Youth Directors Shout out! --
I would like to know if there are any youth members that are interested in holding a youth Flemish specialty show? What kinds of things would the youth breeders out there like to see happen?
Youth Director, Danielle Souster

~*:Articles for Youth:*~
~A.R.B.A Showmanship Guidlines
~Rabbit Showmanship Tips!
~Grooming for a Show
~Tattooing Rabbits
~Show Terms
~Breeding for Herd Improvement
~ Many Excellent Articles Relating to Showing Rabbits
Hey Youth! Want to submit an article, want to see a topic featured here! Let us know and we'll see what we can do!

The truth about rabbit breeders:
Q. How many rabbit show breeders does it take to
change a lightbulb?

A. One to call everyone over to area where the
lightbulb is.

One to make a second call when not all the breeders
show up.

One to argue with the group as to how it should best
be changed.

Three to start a fight about how so-and-so ruined
their last light bulb changing session, and start
spreading gossip about that breeder.

One to storm out of the room because another breeder
they hate is in the room.

One to look down at the youth breeders because they
don't think the youth could POSSIBLY change a
lightbulb as well as the adults.

Finally, one youth breeder to just go up the ladder
and get it done while the rest are arguing.

By: Sarah Giers