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Flemish Giants

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The Flemish Giant; A Giant of a Breed, a Giant of a Personality.

Flemish Giant Breeders Directory

The Flemish Giant combines, in its regal appearance, dignity, strength and elegance with great size and a powerful and graceful body. A Flemish Giant must be docile and laid back, yet playful and friendly. The history of the Flemish Giant is largely unknown, although they have been first sighted centries ago. It is assumed they were first bred for meat, however, the Flemish Giant today plays many roles including show rabbit, house pet, and meat producer.
A True Flemish Giant is massive in size, with good bone, and a mandolin type. The fur of the Flemish Giant is Glossy, full, dense and has a roll back coat. The Flemish Giant has 7 recognized show colors which include; Black, Blue, Fawn, Light Gray, Sandy, Steel Gray, and white. Colors that are not recognized or showable, but can be found are harlequin and broken.
Showroom Classes And Weights are:
Senior Bucks 8 months of age and over: 13 pounds or over Senior Does - 8 months of age and over: 14 pounds or over Intermediate Bucks & Does 6 to 8 months of age.
Junior Bucks/Does - under 6 months of age, minimum weight for bucks and does 6 pounds.

When looking to buy a Flemish Giant, whether for pet or show, make sure you buy from a reputable breeder that has good knowledge of the breed. Purchase Flemish Giants that have good bone, straight teeth, and no runny noses or obvious disease to ensure your rabbits stay healthy and have a full and productive life.

Flemish Giant can be prone to sore hocks, but are otherwise known to be healthy, hardy animals.

For more information regarding care, housing, and breeding of Flemish Giant please contact a breeder!

Color In all varieties:
the surface color shall be uniform.


Surface color shall be black, under color shall be slate blue.
Eyes: brown.

The surface color shall be dark blue, the under color shall be slate blue.
Eyes: blue-gray


Surface color shall be rich, golden straw color, the under color shall blend to a pale cream next to the skin. Belly surface color, under color, and underside of tail shall be light cream to white.
Eyes: brown

Light Gray:
Surface color shall be uniform light gray with ticking of black tipped guard hairs. It shall be an agouti coat with distinct bands visible when blowing into the coat. The under color shall be slate blue next to the skin and there shall be an intermediate band of off white. Belly surface color shall be white, with slate blue under color.
Eyes: brown

Surface color shall be reddish sandy, interspersed with contrasting dark ticking. The under color shall show a brassy reddish intermediate color with slate blue undercolor next to the skin. The ears shall be laced with black. The belly and underside of the side of the tail shall be cream to white.
Eyes: brown


Steel Gray:
Surface color shall be a black steel gray, with a moderate amount of light gray tipped guard hairs evenly distributed. The color shall be even over the entire body, including head, ears, feet, and legs. Under color shall be slate blue, carried down to the skin. Belly color shall be as white as possible with a slate blue under color. Eyes: brown


Color shall be pure white throughout.
Eyes: pink

Please Note:For a complete copy of the Standard of Perfection for Flemish Giants please check the American Rabbit Breeders Association Standard of Perfection, or the National Federation Of Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders Handbook.